FOSS-Cloud Windows VDI Client.

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Install Virt Viewer (Spice client) for Windows on local hard drive.

Step 1

You have to install Spice client for Windows on local hard drive prior to use FOSS-Cloud Windows VDI Client.

Download and install Virt Viewer, please select your

Windows 32-Bit, Version 2.0

Windows 64-Bit, Version 2.0

Step 2

In Windows, you have to implement also the protocol handling to tell the browser, what to do with a spice://... url.

Download and install Windows registry file.

Spice Client Registry File for Virt Vierwer version 2.0

Now you can use Windows VDI.

Thank you.

This page is intend to ease installation for internal use only. You can refer to the source spice-client page here.

Page last updated: October 22, 2015

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